Face masks will be compulsory in the United Kingdom for all those travelling on public transport from Monday the 15th June 2020.

Face masks will now be modern normality, as the UK government announced that face masks are now mandatory in the UK for public transport.

Public transport includes; busses, trains, aeroplanes, trams and travelling with friends in a car. Taxies are still being debated but Uber has also announced that all drives will be provided with PPE so they can remain safe whilst the lockdown measures are being eased.

This comes as no surprise as masks have been made mandatory in other European countries such as Spain and Germany.

Emergency Masks face mask range are in line with the governments demands for appropriate face coverings and are re-usable and washable, so that they can be used for all of your public transport outings.

Furthermore, you can enjoy full buyer refund protection with PayPal and a tracking number to track your mask.

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